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 Corporate Information 
 Corporate Governance System
1) Basic Policy of Corporate Governance
We have Directors, Corporate Auditors and Accounting Auditor based on the requirement of Corporation Act, and additionally we have Board of Directors and Board of Corporate Auditors. Board of Directors and Board of Corporate Auditors direct and audit the operations of board members and by the adoption of outside directors and outside corporate auditors, strengthen function of supervision and improve the transparency of management system. And we have on-site directors’ meeting, in order to secure mobility of business operations, to execute duty based on the BOD decisions, discuss and report important matters to Board of Directors.
2) Decision Making Process and Management Supervision
Decision Making Process and Management Supervision
Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors are composed from 9 directors (including 5 outside directors), in principle, the meeting is held every 3 months and responsible for decision making for operation and supervision of business operation. Under the well-balanced management by 3 shareholders, we are making efforts to improve transparency of management and strengthen the sound operation.
Board of Corporate Auditors
Our Board of Corporate Auditors is composed from 4 corporate auditors (including 3 outside corporate auditors), which audits overall business operations through attending the General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors Meeting, and exchange opinions with directors and employees, and hearing reports form accounting auditor. Furthermore, on-site corporate auditor tries to improve sound business operation through daily audits of attending major internal meetings like on-site directors meeting and checking approval documents, etc., and, if necessary, gives advice and/or recommendation.