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 Corporate Information
 Message from the President
Our company, founded as a joint venture of three companies, Mazda, Panasonic, and Hanon Systems commemorated its 30th anniversary in June. The environment surrounding us in the auto world has changed drastically in the past 25 years. We are very proud that we have survived the circumstances, and also deeply thankful for every support from all the people involved.

The auto world is going through transitions much faster than we expected while our management environment has worsened rapidly and feeling more uncertainness for our future.

Although preconditions of our mid-term plan has changed significantly, we are coping with those changes flexibly and promptly in order to achieve our vision "We will become an one and only company of thermal managements who can satisfy and earn trusts of all the stakeholders by the year of 2030".

Though the situation surrounding us is difficult, all employees share one spirit to make the vision comes true.

We commemorate our 30th anniversary.
We would like to ask you for your continuous support and encouragement to help us work with a sense of pride and fulfillment.

Norihiro Matsuo
June 29,  2017

 Corporate Principle
In order to make a rich car life with the comfortable in-the-car space, we contribute to people and society through creation of new value.
 Management Policy
CHALLENGE For satisfying our customers and for the development and manufacture of the strong products of competitive power, there is no end to challenge for the improvement of quality and for cost cutting.
CREATION We respect free ideas, originality and creativity much, and brew the spirit which is full of vitality
COOPERATION While respecting mutual humanity and individuality, we concentrate the intelligence under a broad outlook, and demonstrates a powerful teamwork