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 Research and Development 
 research and development 
ETL To Create “A Moving Comfortable Space”

Using the three dimensional CAD and CAE which enable designing of high-level products, and the various newest facilities including environmental test equipment (wind tunnel) and anechoic room (sound isolated wind tunnel room), our technical experts are developing a compact, lightweight and quiet car air-conditioner which is applicable to all the operating conditions in the world.

Simultaneously, we also promote the research and development corresponding to environmental problems, such as development of the electric compressor air-conditioner for electric vehicles and hybrid cars. the development of the next generation air-conditioner using new refrigerant. We also promote the development of the more compact and lightweight next generation heat exchanger etc.
By the high technical development of these qualities, we respond to colorful needs in a car life by the broad proposal from the heat exchanger of a car air-conditioner to a total system.