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 Product Information 
 HVAC Unit 

Aiming at miniaturization of packaging, lightweight-zing, and cost reduction, the old 3 series type HVAC unit which was conventionally in use is continuing evolving day by day.

The new style semi-center unit carried in "MAZDA 6" is highly efficient HVAC that supported by the latest technology including the independent control system of right-and-left temperature .

To meet the demand of clients, the efforts for the further highly efficient miniaturization are being continued.

Semi-center Type
(Heater and Cooling Unit/ Blower Unit)HVAC Unit

The full center stack type HVAC fitted in "MAZDA3" is our latest model.

It is a lightweight, compact unit with improved performance.

This HVAC demonstrates our latest technology.
It has created more comfortable atmosphere for customers.

Full-center Type (Heater,Blower and Cooling Unit)HVAC Unit