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 Purchasing Information 
 How to Get Transaction Started 
The flow before starting transactions
:: Fill out the Application
Please click Download button to download the application form(compressed in ZIP format.).Please fill out the application form for us to make an evaluation and judgment objectively.

:: Submit the Application Form
Please attach the application form and submit it via e-mail to purchasing.

:: Make Arrangements
Our buyer will contact the supplier who submitted the application form. Please prepare the data of your company which shows your company's technical and cost advantage.
:: Request for Quotation
We will contact you with a request for quotation based on our requirements. Please submit the quotation with your proposal for cost reduction such as VE/VA, if any.
:: An Estimate and Sample Evaluation
In order to make a judgement, you may be asked to present samples.
:: Implementation of Organization Audit
We will carry out an organization audit to follow our quality management system based on ISO/TS16949.
:: Conclusion of Contract
When your company has qualified in all respect, a dealings basic contract, a claim guarantee agreement and etc. need to be concluded for an account establishment.