President's MessagePRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

Illuminate a corner of the society.

Welcome to Japan Climate Systems.
Our company was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of automotive air conditioning equipment. Climate Systems is a mechanism that controls the room temperature comfortably. I believe, that a car is a special entity for everyone. Car is not only a mode of transport, but it also gives us the joy of drive. And, the cockpit of the car provides a special space called vehicle interior. A relaxing space to spend time alone, a fun space to spend with friends or family, it is an important thing for drivers that has no alternative. For the past 30 years since our foundation, we have focused our efforts on product development while giving thorough attention to minute details and ingenuity in order to make this interior space more comfortable and to minimize the environmental impact.

We are consolidating our efforts for integrating the heat generated from the engine, the motor and the battery with the air conditioning system, to manage the heat generated from the car without waste. Our dream is to become a company that has an overwhelming presence in the area of thermal management.
In the society, thermal management cover a considerably small area, but I hope to contribute to the society by growing it into a company, by illuminating a corner of the society so bright, through the creation of new values, that it will be continuously chosen for a long time to come.

January 2018
President​ ​Norihiro Matsuo