Community Contribution Activities​ ​

We maintain a smooth relationship with stakeholders such as local communities and local residents.
By realizing that profit, we aim to become a company that gains trust from society.

Accepted junior high school students for work place experience

We are accepting junior high school students for them to observe labor and learn about work perspective during the "Higashi Hiroshima City exciting work / work experience week" period every year.

Community contribution activities of Higashihiroshima Mazda Association

Conducts community contribution activities through The Higashihiroshima Mazda Association (a local organization consisting of 33 companies having business located in Higashi Hiroshima City), chaired by our company president.

Holding of Lectures

Higashihiroshima Mazda Association conducts lectures three times a year as part of social studies classes for students of children's independence support facility 'Hiroshima Gakuen' in Higashihiroshima City Hachihonmatsu, Hara. Last year the organization dispatched employees from 3 member companies for the lectures.​ ​

Donation of books to facilities

Higashihiroshima Mazda Association distribute Christmas presents to children's independence support facility 'Hiroshimagakuen' in Higashihiroshima City Hachihonmatsu Hara as a year-end event, and also collects used books through member companies for donating to the facility.​ ​

Donation of Christmas illumination to facilities

Higashihiroshima Mazda Association presents Christmas cakes, snowmen and reindeer type illumination to the social welfare foundation 'Roppou gakuen' in Higashi Hiroshima City Saijo as a year-end event.

Support for the 'Roppou Festival'

Higashihiroshima Mazda Association is helping the 'Roppou Festival' held in November every year at the social welfare foundation 'Roppougakuen' in Higashi Hiroshima City Saijo. In the 'Roppou Festival', the member companies operate charity shops such as 'Yakisoba' or conduct Fancy Dress parade to add color to the Festival.​ ​