Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Technology​ ​

Heat exchangers, that generate heating and cooling, are assembled and brazed with an high precision automatic machines.


  • Atmospheric brazing furnace: 3 units
  • Vacuum brazing furnace: 1 unit
  • 300t Press: 2 units
  • 35t Press: 1 group
  • Fin molding machine, Automatic assembling machine, Wire binding device etc.


It ensures minimum clearance necessary for brazing, and performs automatic assembling with high precision.

Brazing Technology

Melt the aluminum surface (brazing filler metal) to join the aluminum together.
Raise the surface temperature of the heat exchanger made of aluminum to about 600° C to melt and join the surface.

In brazing, we control the clearance between each part, control the temperature and atmosphere, to make the best suitable production condition.

Brazing of core body and pipe is carried out using fully automatic preheating, and heating while feeding brazing material automatically.