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Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system consists of a *HVAC that sets the optimal temperature in the passenger compartment. It has air outlets in the passenger compartment, with a refrigeration cycle that consist a compressor, a condenser, and piping in the engine compartment. The system works in permanent harmony with people, cars, and the earth. In order to realize this, we provide the technology that control optimal car interior atmosphere that combines human comfort and energy saving for protecting the environment. *HVAC stands for 'Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning'.

How the Air Conditioning System works

  • Air Conditioning Unit
    ​ ​​ ​(Air Flow /Temperature Adjustment)
  • Air Conditioning System (Flow of Refrigerant)
  • Auto Air Conditioners

The air conditioning unit maintains comfort in the passenger compartment by switching inside / outside air, adjusting air volume, dehumidifying / cooling with a heat exchanger, adjusting the temperature of the heated air, switching the air outlet.
It is called Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

By circulating the refrigerant (Compressor→Condenser→Expansion valve→Evaporator→Compressor) inside the Air-Conditioning system. It takes heat from the passenger compartment (by heat absorption) and dissipates heat to the outside of the vehicle compartment.

The automatic air conditioner controls the air temperature, air flow volume, and the air outlets to control the interior to the set temperature. It is achieved based on the conditions detected by each sensor such as inside temperature, outside air temperature, solar radiation amount, water temperature (engine cooling water temperature) and switching the inside / outside air automatically.