Business Starting Process​ ​

Basic flow until dealings start

Fill-in the Application Form

Please fill in the application form so that we can make objective evaluation and judgment at our company.


We will contact the supplier who has sent the application.
Please prepare materials showing your competence in terms of Technology and Price.

Quote Request

If we find that you have superiority, please send us the estimate against the estimate specification that we present.
If there are items of cost reduction such as VE / VA, please present them together.

Estimate and Sample Eevaluation

We will evaluate the price estimates for the estimated answers and VE / VA low-level items you have presented. In addition, we may ask you to present samples for judging the validity of the estimate.

System Audit

We will conduct a system audit in accordance with our quality management system established in compliance with IATF.

Conclusion of the Contract

If your advantage is recognized in all aspects, we will process the contract for opening an account.
A contract basic contract, a warranty agreement etc. are necessary for the contract.