Message from Human ResourcesMESSAGE FROM HUMAN RESOURCES

Our corporate philosophy is "to contribute to people and society through creation of new value to produce a rich car life in comfortable interior space".

Our mission is to explore what the meaning of 'comfort' is for people who use cars through the manufacture and sale of automotive air-conditioning equipment (car air conditioners) and to commercialize the answers I think that.
I think that people who use our products feel happy by feeling comfortable. In other words, our biggest goal is to continue to provide happiness to all our customers.

In order to build "only one technology" that other companies do not have, we are engaged in activities with "commitment" in each area of ​​research and development, design and manufacture.
"Commitment" is not an individual's idea, and it is cascaded to each member by top-down as an organizational way of thinking. For employees who joined the company, we must first recognize this "commitment" and share it.

Next, we have support from Mazda Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Hanon Systems Corp. and the parent company of three companies representing the industry in the automotive industry, consumer electronics industry and automotive air conditioning equipment industry, respectively, in the backbone of our business activities.
We have a stable financial base with only one technology with commitment and backbone of our parent company, and in the past few years we have deployed three bases overseas. Along with that, we also enrich educational system such as global human resource development program.

We are also working to improve personnel treatment system and welfare benefits from the viewpoint of work life balance and diversity so that each employee supporting such business activities can feel "working worth". Recently, in addition to functionality, we also renew our offices and facilities with project activities specialized for young members to pursue the good looks that young people want to work.

From here I am committed, but I always say that employees working at our company want to have "dreams". It is not a dream on work, it is a "dream" for my home and future.
People can demonstrate tremendous power to realize "dreams" that can sympathize with their families and surrounding people. Make full use of that power to work, and utilize salary obtained by work to realize "dream". I think this is the significance of people's "dreams".
Why do not you realize your "dream" by all means?

管理部 部長 瀬戸川 悟