​​Technical Information​ ​

We offer better "Comfort" with attractive product groups produced with the latest technology and original ideas.

Creation of "Comfortable vehicle interior environment"

We utilize 3D CAD & CAE, which enables high-level product design, and various latest equipment such as an actual vehicle environment test room and an anechoic room, to create a comfortable interior space in any environment in the world. We are promoting the development of a compact, lightweight, low-noise air conditioner system that can be realized.

At the same time, our development R & D consider global environmental demands by developing electric compressor air conditioner for electric and hybrid cars, develop next generation air conditioners that use new refrigerant.

By developing these high-quality technologies, we offer a wide range of proposals ranging from a single heat exchanger in an air conditioning system to a total system compatible with various modularization, that respond to diversified needs in car life.

We are a leader in manufacturing, especially in processing and aluminum brazing technologies used in heat exchanger manufacturing. The production system links various needs for commercialization, and we have introduced a manufacturing line that use robots.

Development Technology

Manufacturing Technology